How do I get a better base for company decisions? How do I monitor my production costs? What is the cash cow of the company? Which product generates the biggest profit? What does a certain employee really cost?

With NCCA Cost Accounting you get a tool to answer all these questions. With this knowledge you can exploit the full potential of your company and your employees. The module is easily integrated into your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central installation from which it draws the necessary data without interface losses. You stay in the familiar working environment of Business Central.

Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft AppSource

Information about NCCA Cost Accounting

NCCA Cost Accounting adds a cost accounting module to Dynamics 365 Business Central that has its own data model.

The data model, which supports up to 8 dimensions, can be filled with data from the general ledger, but also from other sources.

The allocation area supports almost all imaginable variants, such as imputed costs, iteration procedure, different distribution types based on fixed ratios, amounts or quantities.

Comprehensive evaluations can be displayed as a matrix, printed out, archived or exported to Excel.

System Requirements

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Version 17 or higher